ShibaGT DARK Mod Menu 5.0 Download

Dive into the shadows of Gorilla Tag with the ShibaGT DARK Mod Menu. This mod menu is a gateway to a clandestine world of features, empowering players with a suite of intriguing options. From elongated arms to ethereal movements, the Mod Menu unlocks an array of unique capabilities, elevating your Gorilla Tag experience to new heights.

Overview Of ShibaGT DARK Mod Menu

The ShibaGT DARK Mod Menu is a mysterious and captivating modding solution for Gorilla Tag enthusiasts. As the name suggests, it introduces a dark twist to the gameplay, offering features that add an element of intrigue and fascination. With options like Long Arms, Ghost Monke, Moon Walk, Jupiter Walk, and more, this mod menu allows players to explore Gorilla Tag in unconventional ways.

The mod menu’s unique appeal lies in its ability to merge functionality with an enigmatic atmosphere. Long Arms enable players to interact with the game environment in ways never before possible, while Ghost Monke introduces an ethereal quality to movements, leaving a trail of mystery in every session. Moon Walk and Jupiter Walk add a cosmic touch, providing an otherworldly experience.

Key Features Of ShibaGT DARK Mod Menu

  • Long Arms: Add long arms to your gorilla tag game with this feature.
  • Ghost Monke: Move with an ethereal presence, leaving a trail of intrigue.
  • Moon Walk and Jupiter Walk: Experience cosmic movements for a unique twist.
  • Save Everyone IDs to File: Keep a record of player IDs for seamless interactions.
  • Big and Small Mod: Play with the scale of your Gorilla Tag universe.
  • Dark Aesthetic Interface: Immerse yourself in a mysterious and captivating user interface.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Unlock features that redefine the Gorilla Tag experience.

Installation and Usage Instructions

  1. Download Mod Menu: Obtain the mod menu file from the official source.
  2. Install Utilla: Ensure Utilla is installed for optimal functionality.
  3. Integrate with Gorilla Tag: Launch the mod menu within the Gorilla Tag environment.
  4. Explore Features: Familiarize yourself with the unique features at your disposal.
  5. Embrace the Dark Twist: Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of ShibaGT DARK Menu.

Download ShibaGT DARK Mod Menu For Gorilla Tag

Mod NameShibaGT DARK Mod Menu
File Size406 KB
Updated OnFebruary 29, 2024

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Gameplay Experience

Embark on a journey of intrigue and fascination as ShibaGT DARK transforms the familiar Gorilla Tag landscape into a dark and enigmatic realm.

Visuals and Performance

Experience a visually enhanced Gorilla Tag environment with a dark aesthetic interface that complements the mod’s mysterious features.


For Gorilla Tag enthusiasts seeking a mysterious and captivating twist to their gameplay, the ShibaGT DARK Mod Menu stands as a beacon of unique features. Download now and unravel the secrets within the shadows.

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