Cosmetix Z Mod Download For GTAG

Step into a realm of boundless customization with the Cosmetix Z Mod for Gorilla Tag. This mod elevates your aesthetic experience by unlocking a treasure trove of cosmetics, including the coveted SS STICK, SS COSMETICS, and the ability to unlock every available cosmetic. Embrace the power to curate your Gorilla’s appearance with unprecedented freedom, ensuring your virtual persona stands out in the Gorilla Tag universe.

Overview Of Cosmetix Z Mod

The Cosmetix Z Mod is a game-changer for Gorilla Tag enthusiasts seeking unparalleled customization. With access to SS STICK and SS COSMETICS, your Gorilla’s style reaches new heights. The mod goes beyond by allowing you to unlock every available cosmetic, providing a vast array of options to curate your unique virtual persona.

Unlock the potential of your wardrobe with the “UNLOCK ALL COSMETICS” feature, offering freedom and creativity in every Gorilla Tag session. The addition of SS ADMIN BADGE adds an exclusive touch to your virtual identity, highlighting your elevated status in the community.

Key Features Of Cosmetix Z Mod

  • SS STICK: Elevate your style with the exclusive SS STICK.
  • SS COSMETICS: Unlock sophisticated and unique SS COSMETICS.
  • UNLOCK ALL COSMETICS: Enjoy freedom with access to every available cosmetic.
  • SS ADMIN BADGE: Showcase your elevated status with an exclusive badge.
  • Customizable Colors: Personalize your Gorilla’s appearance with a spectrum of colors.
  • Dynamic Animations: Access unique and dynamic animations to enhance your presence.
  • Instant Activation: Effortlessly activate the mod for instant style upgrades.

Installation and Usage Instructions

  1. Secure the Mod: Download the Mod from a trusted source.
  2. Extract Files: Unzip the mod files to access the installation components.
  3. Copy to ‘Mods’ Folder: Transfer the extracted files to the ‘Mods’ directory in your Gorilla Tag folder.
  4. Launch Gorilla Tag: Start Gorilla Tag to enable the Cosmetix Z Mod.
  5. Explore and Personalize: Dive into the game, explore the unlocked features, and personalize your Gorilla’s appearance.

Download Cosmetix Z Mod For Gorilla Tag

Mod NameCosmetix Z Mod
File Size37 KB
Updated OnFebruary 20, 2024

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Gameplay Experience

Cosmetix Z Mod transforms your Gorilla Tag experience into a personalized and visually stunning journey, allowing you to express your unique style with every move.

Visuals and Performance

Seamlessly integrated into Gorilla Tag, the mod ensures a visually enriching and performance-friendly customization process.


For Gorilla Tag enthusiasts desiring extensive customization options, the Cosmetix Z Mod is a must-have. Download now and redefine your Gorilla Tag adventures with exclusive features and unparalleled style.

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