Welcome to Our Mod Request Portal!

At GorillaTagMods.net, we’re dedicated to enhancing your Gorilla Tag experience. Do you have a fantastic idea for a mod that you haven’t seen yet? Or maybe you’re looking for a custom mod that’s tailored just for you? You’re in the right place!

Request your custom Gorilla Tag mod! Describe your idea, specify requirements, and let our team create the perfect mod for you.

    How to Request a Mod

    Step 1: Describe Your Idea

    • Be Specific: Provide a detailed description of your mod idea. The more details you give, the better we can understand your vision.
    • Include Examples: If you’ve seen similar mods or have images that inspire your idea, feel free to include them.

    Step 2: Specify Requirements

    • Compatibility: Let us know which version of Gorilla Tag you’re using.
    • Platform: Are you on PC, Quest, or another platform? This information helps us tailor the mod to your needs.

    Step 3: Additional Information

    • Any extra details? Specific colors, themes, or functionalities? Let us know!

    What Happens Next?

    Once you submit your request, our team will:

    • Review Your Idea: We assess the feasibility and ensure it aligns with our guidelines.
    • Get in Touch: We’ll contact you to discuss details, timeframe, and any potential costs.
    • Create Your Mod: Our skilled modders will bring your idea to life!


    Got any queries about the mod request process? Feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!