MonkeTV Mod 1.0.1 Download For Gorilla Tag

Transform your Gorilla Tag experience into something extraordinary with MonkeTV Mod. This innovative modification allows you to immerse yourself in virtual reality as a gorilla while watching videos. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or exploring the jungle solo, the Mod offers a unique and entertaining way to enjoy Gorilla Tag.

Overview Of MonkeTV Mod

MonkeTV Mod revolutionizes Gorilla Tag by introducing a virtual reality TV experience for players. With this mod, you can load your favorite videos or content from YouTube and watch them seamlessly within the game. Imagine sitting back in your virtual jungle habitat, surrounded by fellow gorillas, as you enjoy movies, videos, or even live streams together. The Mod brings a new level of immersion and social interaction to Gorilla Tag, turning it into a virtual hangout space for friends and fellow gamers.

Key Features Of MonkeTV Mod

  • Watch videos as a VR gorilla in Gorilla Tag.
  • Load your own videos or content from YouTube.
  • Enjoy movie nights and chill sessions with friends in the jungle.
  • Transform Gorilla Tag into a rough version of VR Chat.
  • Enhance social interactions and virtual hangouts with fellow players.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the MonkeTV Mod from the bellow link.
  2. Extract the mod files from the downloaded archive.
  3. Locate the “plugins” folder in your Gorilla Tag directory.
  4. Copy the extracted mod files into the “plugins” folder.
  5. Launch Gorilla Tag and enjoy the the Mod experience.

Download MonkeTV Mod For Gorilla Tag

Mod NameMonkeTV Mod
File Size5.3 MB
Updated OnMarch 20, 2024

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Gameplay Experience

MonkeTV Mod offers a unique gameplay experience by combining the thrill of Gorilla Tag with the entertainment of watching videos. Dive into the virtual jungle as a gorilla and immerse yourself in a variety of content, from movies to funny videos, all while interacting with friends in real time. With Mod, every gaming session becomes a social event filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories.

Visuals and Performance

MonkeTV Mod seamlessly integrates into Gorilla Tag, delivering stunning visuals and smooth performance. The virtual reality experience is enhanced with immersive environments and high-quality video playback, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience for all players. Whether you’re watching videos alone or with friends, The Mod provides visually engaging content without compromising the game’s performance.


In conclusion, MonkeTV Mod transforms Gorilla Tag into more than just a game—it becomes a social hub where players can hang out, watch videos, and enjoy virtual movie nights together. With its seamless integration of VR gorilla avatars and video playback, The Mod offers a fresh and entertaining way to experience Gorilla Tag. Whether you’re exploring the jungle or relaxing with friends, this mod brings a new level of immersion and fun to the game. So grab your popcorn, gather your friends, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the virtual world of Gorilla Tag with MonkeTV Mod.

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