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The bHaptics Integration Mod for Gorilla Tag offers a thrilling enhancement by incorporating haptic feedback into gameplay. This mod, compatible with bhaptics Tactsuit models and Tactosy for arms and hands, introduces a new layer of immersion to the already dynamic VR game. Players can feel movements, jumps, and changes in status directly through their gear, making every action in the game more tangible and exciting.

Overview of bHaptics integration Mod

This mod is a significant leap in VR gaming, providing real-time haptic feedback corresponding to in-game activities. The integration with bhaptics gear means players can feel the game’s movements and status changes, adding a new dimension of realism to Gorilla Tag. It’s a fusion of technology and gameplay that enhances the overall experience.

The simplicity of the mod aligns perfectly with the straightforward nature of Gorilla Tag. It doesn’t overcomplicate but rather complements the game by adding sensory details. The tactile feedback is synchronized with actions like moving, jumping, and climbing, as well as with changes in the player’s status within the game, such as color change or being “it.”

Key Features Of bHaptics integration Mod

  • Haptic Feedback: Feel the game’s action through tactile sensations.
  • Movement and Climbing Effects: Enhanced realism during physical in-game movements.
  • Status Change Alerts: Immediate haptic feedback during crucial game status changes.
  • bhaptics Gear Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with bhaptics Tactsuit and Tactosy.
  • Simplified Gaming Experience: An uncomplicated enhancement to the game.
  • Improved Immersion: Deepens the sense of presence in VR.
  • Responsive Interaction: Real-time feedback aligning with in-game actions.

Installation and Usage Instructions

  1. MelonLoader Installation: Essential for enabling mod support in the game.
  2. Mod Download and Extraction: Get the mod file and place it appropriately.
  3. Easy Setup: Straightforward installation and startup process.
  4. Seamless Integration: Quick and simple integration with the game.
  5. Start and Play: Begin the game with bhaptics Player for an enhanced experience.

Download bHaptics integration Mod Free For Gorilla Tag

Mod NamebHaptics integration Mod
File Size537 KB
Updated OnJanuary 25, 2024

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Gameplay Experience

The integration of haptic feedback through the “bHaptics Integration Mod” profoundly changes the Gorilla Tag experience. Every in-game movement and status shift is felt, making the VR world more convincing and engaging.

Visuals and Performance

While the mod focuses on tactile sensations, it maintains the game’s visual and performance standards, ensuring that gameplay remains smooth and immersive.


For Gorilla Tag enthusiasts looking to deepen their VR experience, the “bHaptics Integration Mod” is an exciting addition. It brings a tangible aspect to the virtual world, bridging the gap between game and reality.

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