YT Assistant Mod v1.7.0 Download

The YT Assistant Mod is a game-changer for Gorilla Tag streamers. Say goodbye to cheaters crashing your game, and enhance your streaming experience with this handy mod. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting, this mod will make your Gorilla Tag sessions smoother and more enjoyable.

Overview Of YT Assistant Mod

YT Assistant Mod acts as a guardian for streamers, providing essential tools through its user-friendly interface. With features like room code and name generation, flying controls, and disconnection options tailored for modded lobbies, this mod revolutionizes the streaming experience. The recent integration of Utilla ensures a secure environment, minimizing disruptions during your Gorilla Tag adventures.

Key Features Of YT Assistant Mod

  • Room Code Generation: Press the B button to generate a new room code for all players in the lobby. No more fumbling with manual entry; let the mod handle it.
  • Name Generation: Use the A button to create fresh names for everyone in the game. Keep your streams engaging with unique player names.
  • Flying Ability: Press the Y button to start flying. Adjust your fly speed with the B button (increase) and the A button (decrease). Note that this feature only works in modded lobbies.
  • Disconnect Safely: In a modded lobby, press the B and A buttons together to disconnect without disrupting the game for others.
  • Graceful Exit: If you’re in a modded lobby, press the X, Y, B, and A buttons simultaneously to close Gorilla Tag smoothly.

Usage Instructions

  1. Versatility in Lobby Types: Enjoy YT Assistant Mod in various lobby types, specifically for room and name generation.
  2. Modded Lobby Requirement: Ensure modded lobbies for disconnecting and closing Gorilla Tag features.
  3. Streamlined Name Generation: Press [B Button] for instant name generation for all connected computers.
  4. Effortless Room Code Creation: Simplify room creation by pressing [A Button] for simultaneous code generation.
  5. Disconnection in Modded Lobbies: Safely disconnect in modded lobbies with [B and A Buttons].
  6. Prompt Game Closure: Swiftly close Gorilla Tag within modded lobbies using [X, Y, B, and A Buttons].
  7. Fly with Precision: Take flight by pressing [Y Button], adjusting speed with [B and A Buttons] (modded lobbies only).
  8. Caution While Flying: Avoid accidental disconnections by refraining from pressing [B and A Buttons] during flight.
  9. Manual Interaction: Manually hit Enter for room and name generation during streaming sessions.

Download YT Assistant Mod For Gorilla Tag

Mod NameYT Assistant Mod
File Size13 KB
Updated OnMarch 03, 2024

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Gameplay Experience

The YT Assistant Mod ensures smoother gameplay by preventing crashes and enhancing your Gorilla Tag sessions. Stream confidently without worrying about disruptive cheaters.

Visuals and Performance

This mod doesn’t impact visuals or performance negatively. It’s lightweight and designed to improve your experience without compromising the game’s aesthetics.


Stream Gorilla Tag hassle-free with the YT Assistant Mod. Say goodbye to cheaters and focus on having fun with your viewers! Remember to always follow the game’s terms of service and use mods responsibly. Enjoy your Gorilla Tag adventures!

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